"Over-the-top AbFab goofiness... very funny."
"Piled high with some outlandish gags and recurring jokes... zingy one-liners that cut quick and deep."
"The dialogue is of a Woody Allen tartness with a touch of malapropism."
"Hilarious! I had a ball at Bass for Picasso! An authentically witty and intelligent comedy...the same kind of exotic and nurturing treat Toklas intended to cook up for Picasso."

THE PLAY: Food writer Francesca's dinner party features famous recipes from the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, along with a guest list that's an almost certain recipe for disaster. It includes Pilar, a multilingual art detective with visa problems; Bricka, a lesbian widow with a child and custody-seeking Republican in-laws; Joe, an OB/GYN whose lover is a disoriented drug addict; and Kev, a playwright who has written a soon-to-open play about...all of them. A hilarious, irreverent look at gay and lesbian life in the new millennium.

SET: Unit set. Two men, Three women Click here to order Bass For Picasso from Playscripts